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Aug 14, 2013 12:00pm PDT
is going to win a free virgin america domestic ticket anywhere in the u.s. >> reporter: can i reregister? >> absolutely! [ laughter ] >> reporter: did you guys hear that? a virgin america airlines ticket! >> yeah! >> reporter: how can you participate? visit and go to "links and numbers" and we'll hook you up with best buddies and we'll see you on the road. reporting from sunol, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >>> birthdays and generations of memories. the fun center closing down next. ,,,,,, at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. good. malibu grand prix has been offering miniature gol >>> after 34 years this redwood city landmark is about to shut
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. and that's causing delays. the airlines affected at sfo are american, jetblue, virgin america and alaska airlines. at san jose, it's jetblue and alaska. we have calls out to oakland airport to see if airlines are affected there. we haven't received a response yet. hawaiian airline is also reporting problems tonight. right now, there's no indication when the system will be back up and running. >>> also new at 11:00, tragedy in okinawa, japan. smoke could be seen rising from the area where a u.s. military hospital crashed. the crash site is on a marine base. three men were rescued. one member of that crew is still missing tonight. no word on what caused the crash. investigators say no one on the ground was injured. >>> also at 11:00, gunfire at a council meeting in pennsylvania. tonight, three people are dead and three others are injured. this happened in ross township, about 85 miles north of philadelphia. a gunman blasted through a wall before a local official tackled him and shot the suspect with his own gun. the alleged gunman survived and is in custody tonight. investigators say he ap
Aug 7, 2013 5:00am PDT
feed. >>> a look at a rare offering from virgin america out of san francisco. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> welcome back. live to cleveland now where the home of deviant and monster ariel castro being ripped down. live pictures. he pleaded guilty in court, sentenced to life in prison along with 1,000 years on top of that holding three women captive for a decade in his home. just a horrendous scene. people in the area very happy to see that home smashed to the ground. they called it the house o
Aug 6, 2013 4:30am PDT
. american, alaska, jet blue and virgin america were affected. the outage started just after 830 last night. 50 with alaska airlines. all computer systems were restored by 11:00 p.m. . >> the white shirt, memo went out. >> red kind of compliments. one of the primary colors. >> how's it going? >> we look like one of those fancy cup cakes. the most accurate forecast you can do is a forecast of persistence. that is whatever happened yesterday is going to happen today. seriously. that's what we're going to do. nothing is ever going to change. we have fog and low clouds and the drizzle. the temperatures this morning is starting out in the 50s. 54 at concord. 55 in oakland and 54 in san francisco. 58 in san jose and santa rosa 52. about where we were yesterday and this looks the same as well. fog and low clouds have packed in through the coastal valleys and spilling into the 680 corridor this morning. and we continue cool. numbers as much as 13 degrees above average. santa rosa around 82. we'll manage only 70 today. 13 degrees below average. we're going to continue with the cool regime. if you kn
Aug 25, 2013 8:30am PDT
terminal service and american airlines and virgin america was designed by a world- renowned architecture's firm. originally built in 1954, the building underwent massive renovation to become the first registered terminal and one of the must modern and sustainable terminals and the united states. the public art program continues its 30-year legacy of integrating art into the airport environment with the addition of five new commissions that are as bold and dynamic as the new building. >> this project was completed in record time, and we were able to integrate the artist's early enough in the process that they could work with the architect said that the work that is completed is the work that really helps complement and instill the space as opposed to being tucked away in a corner. >> be experience begins with the glass facades that was designed with over 120 laminated glass panels. it captures the experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane. depending on the distance or point of view, it can appear clear for more abstract and atmospheric. the subtle colors change gradu
Aug 7, 2013 6:00am PDT
way or another, it's been going on for month. >>> virgin america made a profit last quarter. probably make a profit this quarter too. virgin scaled back expansion plans, concentrating on making more money on routes it has and ta peers to have worked. virgin not a publicly traded company though we suspect they want to be. profits rare in the airline business. financial"u times took a look a all of the profit and loss statements of all airlines in history and found the industry has made a net loss which is kind of sobering when you think how granted we -- we take this for granted, get on a plane, fly to wherever. the industry technically doesn't work but don't tell the airlines that themselves. in long term, they don't make money. >> i want to figure out what getting killed for the baggage charges, how are they not making money, come on. >>> time top9s(rq(i the forecas with christina loren. keep you busy this week. >> we've got a lot going on at 6:18. temperatures comfortable. showers on the radar this morning and gusty winds. things you don't associate with the month of august. one of
Aug 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
was hurt. >>> passengers on a virgin america flight made an unexpected stop in san jose. the plane was flying from boston to san francisco. but was diverted for fuel reasons. you see the airplane there. because of fog delays in sfo, the virgin flight might not have had enough fuel to circle sfo. as a precaution, the pilots landed in san jose, fueled up and took off for sfo. >> a tragic end for a 41-year-old oakland man vacationing in maui. he drowned while snorkeling. he was found near the black rock area. he was last seen yesterday afternoon. his friends reported him missing 48 hours later. rescue divers found his body yesterday morning. >>> crews from san mateo and santa cruz county are parts of reinforcements to fight the wildfire. the silver fire has burned 11,000 acres since yesterday. this is 20 miles west of palm spring in banning. 2,000 families have been evacuated from their home. and 30 homes have been damaged or completely destroyed. senator barbara boxer who lives in riverside county toured the area today. she says climate change is causing conditions for more disastrou
Aug 9, 2013 11:00am PDT
for a virgin america flight. passengers aboard flight 353 were forced to make an unexpe unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. the flight was bound for sfo but fog delays kept them from landing there and the plane didn't have enough fuel to circle so it was diverted to mineta san jose where the plane refueled and took off once again for sfo. it landed just after 11 last night. >>> the own others of a redwood city apartment complex that caught fire last month now being taken to court for that incident, along with a brand-new set of claims. the hallmark house affordable housing complex caught fire on july 7th, displacing 97 people and some resident there is now filing suit against the owner of the complex, kdf hallmark lp for lost belongings. the company was also sued in march by two residents who claim they suffered carbon monoxide poison from a clogged wall heater. a judge will get an update on that case's progress some time later today. >>> hundreds of students on the peninsula are taking tests in the middle of summer. no, these are not planned. nbc bay area's bob
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> here are just some of the airlines affected tonight, american, alaska, jet blue and virgin america. red eye flights leaving the bay area for the east coast are all delayed. sabre tweeted that it is working to fix the problem but gave us no idea just how long it's going to take. probably should check with your airline. >>> no bart strike, but the commute was still a nightmare today because of this. a big rig carrying sushi and other food caught fire while coming off the bay bridge this morning. the lanes were closed for nine hours and 34 minutes and traffic was his or her rend us. we asked joe vasquez to find out what took so long to get it cleaned up. >> 5:45 this morning, a big rig thad just crossed the bay bridge into san francisco burst into flames. ten hours later, the heat of frustration was still boiling over as these folks at the toll plaza got out of their cars and into each other's faces. for most of the day, westbound bay bridge traffic was at a standstill, backed up for miles. >> it's crazy. >> the cops say some drivers couldn't hold it any longer and ended up using the bathr
Aug 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
's proposals are in line with the senate bill. >> virgin america is reporting a rare quarterly profit, boosted by more people prices. san francisco-based virgin america was founded in 2007 and has yet to post an annual profit. but it has slowed its growth and is aiming to improve its finances. the airline posted net income of $8.8 million for the quarter that ended june 30, after losing $31.8 million a year earlier. helping things out. jet fuel prices fell by 8 percent per gallon. >> internet icon yahoo is changing its distinctive logo for the first time in nearly two decades. the question is: to what? and will the exclamation point stay or go? each day over the next four weeks - the silicon valley company is showcasing 30 different logos on its home page. on sept. 4, one of them will replace yahoo's distinctive purple y! logo. the company has decided on the new logo, but wants to showcase different looks to depict its "renaissance" under its new ceo, marissa mayer. the logo change, the first major modification in yahoo's 18-year history, will be promoted in a "30 days of change" marketing cam
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
that offer a competitive product to the consumer. southwest is out there, virgin america which we're very proud of is out there and is a very effective competitor on the west coast and the transcon markets. jet blue is effective, spirit has emerged. there is no competition and i think justice got this wrong. >> in terms of pricing though are airline prices not across the board but in general do you think they found the right equal brum? do you think this is a fair value proposition for consumers? >> i do. during the transformation of the airline industry that has taken, really almost 40 years to complete we had some years when consumers absolutely benefitted by the ferocious competition and the restructuring of the industry. remember, the airlines were losing billions of dollars in those days. that's simply not sustainable. the airlines are not making extremely high profits. they are profitable today but they're not making extremely high profits, so i think what the consumer is seeing today is prices that are competitive and yet sustainable. >> it's been really great
Aug 6, 2013 6:00am PDT
the airlines affected, frontier, men, united jetblue and virgin america. the pass confers were unable to board during the outage. check with the airline before heading to the airport. >> you could be able to lie down flat next time you fly jetblue to new york city. the low-cost care area will offer last seats from san francisco and los angeles to new york with a massage function and 15" tv i. no word how much a ticket will cost but ticket if similar seats on competing airlines sell for $3,000 to $5,000. >> the department of transportation is taking up a new issue it probably never expected to tackle, distracted walking. they announced it plan on creating a new pedestrian safety campaign to raise awareness distracted walking. as we have reported more and more people are walking while texting or listening to music and 1,500 pedestrians went to the emergency room in 2011 after being injured using a smartphone. most deaths occur in urban areas at night. >> from tech titan to media mobile, jeff bezos is calming fears of employees at the "washington post" after it is announced he is buyi
Aug 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
but they made it there safely. passengers aboard a virgin america flight were forced to make an unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. there were fog delays at sfo last night. the flight did not have enough fuel to circle. it was diverted to mineta san jose where the plane had a changes to refuel and took off again for sfo and landed just after 11:00 last night. >>> happening right now, a total of 26 homes now destroyed and 500 more being threatened as a massive wildfire continues to burn in southern california. more than 1400 firefighters are on the scene battling the fire in banning, located about 20 miles northwest of palm springs. it's been a rough go already. one man has serious burn injuries. five firefighters have been injured including two from heat exhaustion. it's been so intense and so hot down there. so far 22 square miles have been burned. that is bigger than the size of the entire city of sunnyvale. right now it is about 20% contained, but the wind gusts could easily fuel those flames today and make it more difficult to battle this one back. the cause
Aug 6, 2013 7:00am PDT
airlines were affected including alaska, american, and jet blue, virgin america, and british airways. flights in the air were not affected. >> will be right back. >> welcome back. the time is 9:15 a.m.. >> for the last half hour the san mateo bridge has also been a hot spot. today a lot of people are using this as an alternate but now it is over saturated. there are too many cars and not enough lanes. there was a minor incident and chp is on the sink. of coursescenc.e. they bridge end up westbound backup is still one hour to the east shore freeway approach. the 880 approach is the only one that is looking better this morning. you can actually see the end of it for the westbound ride.s back up the traffic map to show you the commute. it is still backed up into sand pebble for westbound 880 ride. interstate 580 is just a matter through downtown oakland. here is a problem on the bayshore freeway and earlier are kind accident. your ride to the golden gate bridge has no problems in fact, the marin commute has been easy all morning long. >> the time is 9:17 a.m.. >> and other cloudy start
Aug 13, 2013 5:00pm EDT
creating competitive industry. >> but since 2000 there's only new carrier in our country virgin america. we have on the others one in minnesota but there new carrier viable since 2000. and don't you think there are to entry that make it hard for new airlines to competitive? over thenk if you look last many years there have been industry.ts into the jetblue is a great example of a -- that sprang grown last decade and has nationwide. so, i think there are ample opportunities and capital vailable for new airlines to enter the market. >> i note that jetblue is only we have nowrket and these three major carriers. do you want to respond? first off, again noting how complementary our two networks by putting them together we create a third competitor -- fourth competitor to what are three airlines larger ta and s, united, dell southwest and allows more competition, not less. 12 laps overlatch being out put00 -- overlapping we can more efficient service to consumers. also note that in the $1 billion synergies that i noted there s not one assumed fare increase. he synergies are not built on assum
Aug 6, 2013 6:00am EDT
, alaskan airlines, frontier, virgin america, quantitious and british airways. and sabre is the system that does all those. you never know what happens behind the moving pieces. if you have something coming up today, make sure you call ahead and check the airport. that's your executive edge. now time to slip in a quick break. we'll talk about opportunities in emerging markets and investment opportunities there. plus, in squawk sports news, alex rodriguez returning to the field yesterday as he appeal his suspension by the mlb. the average ticket price increased by 17% in the last day. right now, a look at yesterday's winners and losers. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at aflac.
Aug 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
the most financially. the example in that case would be virgin america. it is this chic airline in san francisco. it is a very popular. it is a beautiful airline to five. it has struggled since it was founded in 2007. it has lost hundreds of millions of dollars. it is an interesting point. customers love southwest as well because it has this cool reputation and feel. they do not charge for bad. they have been successful with that business model for a long time. they are now having an identity crisis. they have had to raise fares recently. some analysts question the decision not to charge four bucks. they are stuck in the middle. the airlines that will satisfy customers may be giving fares away too cheap. those airlines that are nickel fulliming customers have airplanes. by contrast, they are the most financially successful. host: sandy from florida on the independent line. if there was wondering have been any numbers written about the number of employees there will be laid off because of mergers. i am assuming there will be duplicates services. thank you. guest: that is a good question
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)